Why You are Wasting Time on Internet Explorer – Other Browsers You Should Try

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Are you still using Internet Explorer on your PC? Whether at home or at work, you are wasting time waiting for pages to load using this browser. It is hard to understand why nearly half of all internet users surf with Internet Explorer even though it slows down their web experience and productivity. Here are some other internet browsers that will speed up surfing and improve your efficiency at work.


Firefox is the number one alternative to Internet Explorer, used only slightly less than IE. Why is Firefox so popular? Mostly because it is exceptionally easy to use, very fast and highly customizable. Some of the best features are:

  • One-click bookmarking
  • Surf faster, using less memory
  • Easy zoom features to help you read the fine print
  • Easy to use password manager
  • Good pop-up blocker
  • Easy to use browsing history library

Google Chrome

If you are just not that into Firefox, you can try Google Chrome. This browser holds about 3% of the market. Google Chrome looks plain the first time you open it. This is intentional. Google created this browser to be a simple window for looking at the net. The best feature about this software is crash control. Each tab runs independently of the others so if one website closes out on you, they do not all go down.


Safari holds a little less of the market, under 3%. You do not have to have a Mac or Apple to run Safari. It is much faster than Internet Explorer, but not as quick as the other choices available. The best thing about Safari is the look. It fits the signature Apple design with simple, plain, easy to read text. Safari does not always play nicely with Windows, probably the biggest reason it is not more popular. It is a very slick and fun to use browser.


Finally, there is Opera. This browser is lightning fast, but does not have all the plug-ins available than Firefox does. This is its greatest limitation. Opera is an excellent tool for updating your blog or website since it is so fast, but Firefox works better for promoting your site because of the available plug-ins, making social bookmarking easier.

Try Them All

Make sure you try all of these browsers yourself until you find the one that works most efficiently for you. There is nothing wrong with using different browsers for different applications. But whatever you do, stop wasting your time on IE!


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