Ghosts of Indiana

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Seems they are everywhere, every state has some ‘famous’ haunted places, houses and ghosts. Indiana is no different. I must admit I enjoy a summer daytime walk through old sections of cemeteries, but I do mainly for genealogy researches. But as I walk, I also wonder how
life was for them, what did they do and yes… what they died of. But, I’ve yet to see my first ghost. However, we lived in this one old house and to this day, I swear the attic had ‘somebody’ in it. I would hear scrapping noises at night, like a chair being moved or something…..there were only boxes up there, no furniture.

Indiana is filled with stories of ghosts and haunting.

Evansville, a mid-sized town in Southern Indiana, on the Ohio River. The Willard library is where you can find the Lady in Gray roaming its bookshelves late at night. The library was built and funded by Willard Carpenter, and opened for business in 1885. When Willard died, he left the money to the library instead of the daughter, Louise. This made her bitter towards him for the rest of her life and to this day, it is said she walks the library at night, trapping her there. The library even has a Ghost Cam if you think you can get a glimpse of Louise, at

The Evansville Life Center on the Southside of town used to be a Catholic Church and cemetery over 100 years ago. One day in June of 1985, construction workers came to remodel and remove all the buried nun’s from the basement. When they were finished around midnight, a storm came. The same storm came again 10 years later and went on all day and all that night. It is said at night, if you walk around where the church was, you can ‘feel’ somebody behind you or watching you. Some have even been tapped on the shoulder and turned around to see nobody there.

Muster Indiana is home of The Bieker House. It seems you will find a woman dressed in white anytime of the day or night lurking around the house. The house is now owned by the city, and they’ve even offered anybody to take the house ‘rent-free and utility free’ for the prevention of break-in’s and damage to the grounds….so far there have been no takers for the property.

Rochester was the place for Prill School. Sister Sarah haunts the school now. And when the moon is full, and you sit with the rearview mirror facing the tree, some say you can see her either standing next to the tree, or sitting up in it, watching you. Still others say if on a full
moon-lit night you go with questions on a piece of paper, and come back the next day….she’ll have the answers written on your paper.

The Ghosts and Spirits that hang around in the Warsaw Public Library’s basement still think it’s the days of The Underground Railroad when slaves were going through on their way to freedom. Employee’s of the library evening and late at night have been said to have seen ghostly figures roaming between the bookshelves and voices of little children.


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