How to Generate Article Ideas to Make More Money from Your Writing

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Writers who want to succeed in building passive income need to write often and can do well by aiming for five articles per day. But how does one come up with five new topics everyday that have not already been covered to death? Here are some ways you can mine for ideas to boost your number of articles and passive income.

Listen to the Radio

National Public Radio, a news network, has many inspiring, interesting and informative pieces daily. Make a habit of listening or going on line to see what NPR is covering every day. You are sure to find at least one topic worth researching and writing about every day.

Social Forums

Social forums are another great source of writing ideas. Because topics and discussion are shown and ranked by popularity, you can easily find a subject that internet users will be interested in. Scroll through discussions and take part in the conversation. You should be able to find something in these topics every day.

Bookmarking Sites

Internet bookmarking sites offer many sources for article ideas and rank top links the same way social forums do. Scroll through these until you find a popular item of interest. You will have a new idea in no time.

Look at the Calendar

Holidays are always a popular subject online and articles written about any holiday are likely to attract viewers. Brainstorm for topics surrounding a holiday and see if you can come up with a new angle. It always helps to take a look at the news and see what new ways people are celebrating the upcoming holiday and do your article about that.


Go to Technorati or Blog Catalog to get some ideas from niches that do well. Scrolling through popular blogs can spark an idea and get you to your fifth topic of the day.

Sparking Your Creativity

One great way to get the brain juices going is to try freewriting. This is a technique in which you set a timer for 10 minutes and just start typing out whatever thoughts are in your head. It is important not to stop typing for anything, even if you are typing one word twenty times. Just keep writing until the buzzer sounds. You will end with about one page filled with text that you can just close. Freewriting helps loosen tension in your mind and gets your creativity going through the free association of ideas that occur when you are writing without purpose.

Use these techniques regularly and you will never run out of topics to write about.


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