Punisher: War Zone

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Has anybody watched the movie called Punisher: War Zone?  If you have not, and you are a true die hard action fan, then you need to check this one out!  I have seen all three Punisher movies and this one is by far the best.  There is enough action in this one to make you jump out off or stay on the edge of your seat the whole time you are watching.

The actors are actually really good too whcih make the movie even more watchable.  Some of the vilians in the movie should have been villians in earlier movies which would have made the earlier movies alot better.   If you  know anything about the Punisher in comic books or even saw the first 2 movies then you will be intrigued to see this one and know for sure you are in for a treat for action all the way through like the first 2.  It also has its own twist on this one with more grusome kills and even some very funny comedy thrown into it as well.

This time there is a new guy (cant rememeber his name) that is playing Frank Castle also which makes each movie unique.  One part of the movie that shocked me happened when the main villian got knocked into some kind of glass factory crusing device, got his body and face sliced up horribly but still lived and just acted a plain fool after this happened to him.  The makeup job that they did on him was pretty good and it was kinda funny at the same time.

This guys brother in the movie too is a pretty good actor and he plays a straight phyco serial killer in the movie that gets broken out of a mental ward.  In all this is a action packed fans paradise, check it out!


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