How to get free software

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First you need to download a free program called. Winrar. Winrar is a program that extract files such as; zip, iso, .rar, etc. It is really is easy to do. All you do is go to and type in free winrar download. Click on the website link, then download it to your computer. After it downloaded to your computer the icon is these stacked books will appear. You do not need to click on it every time you download something. It will automatically be set as you go.

Then, go to Type it just like that into your web search. The website has just about anything you need. Type in something that you want. I will give an example. Go to the website and type in “The Dark Knight” (The newest Batman Movie) in the top right hand corner search engine. Click enter it will bring a list of different Dark Knight links. Click on one that says something like, Dark Knight DVD Rip or Dark Knight (2008) something to that nature. After you click on it, it will take you to a third party website that has the download able links for the movie.

When it gets to the website, scroll down a little bit and you will see some links. The links are usually set up through a website called rapidshare. Open up an new tab and copy and paste that link into the web search and it will take you rapidshare’s website. If you look at the website, it will have to icons that look like car gauges, one says “free user” and one says premium user. (If you scroll down a little bit it has prices for purchasing a premium account. It is totally legit and I highly recommend it if you are going to download multiple links. This rapidshare premium account can be purchased through a pay pal account, if you do not have one it is free to get) But if you do not have multiple links to download, you can click on the link that is labeled, “free user” and it usually takes 50 seconds for it to get to the link to download. That is the flaw about being a free user. After the time reaches zero, you can click on the “download link located right in the middle. Then your link will download.

Find a place on your computer and find where you want to place your downloaded material then when the link as you if you want to open or save, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SAVE. Do this for all of your downloaded material then go to your place where you saved your files and extract! I will give an example. You downloaded on your links into your documents folder on your computer say you have 5 links downloaded. All 5 of your links will have a three book icon. The top book is purple the middle book is blue and the bottom book is green. They also have a belt wrapped around them. NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. HIGHLIGHT ALL 5 OF THE LINKS TOGETHER BY HOLDING THE SHIFT BUTTON AND DOWN BUTTON TOGETHER. THEN AFTER ALL THE LINKS ARE HIGHLIGHTED RIGHT CLICK AND CHOOSE, “EXTRACT FILES” After it is done downloading you have what ever program you want or movie and enjoy!

If you download movies to your computer I highly recommend you download a computer program called, “VLC Player” It will literally play any movie or any clip you have. It is an awesome program. Follow each step very carefully.

Example. Say you downloaded “Registry Mechanic” It will have a serial number you need to input it on to your computer. Search all the files for this Registry Number. The folder that holds this file is usually under a folder marked,”Patch” or Serials. Just click it open it, and copy and paste that serial number into the proper place.

Some links that you download have passwords set on them. If you scroll down a little farther on down to the third party link for your download, it will say password then have a link underneath it. After you extract your files it will ask your for a password. Copy and paste that link into that place and click enter.


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