How to Use the Internet for Buying Automobiles During the Recession

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The media has us all bogged down with bad news about recession, job cuts and the disappearance of the American Dream.  But as with most bad news, there is always a flip side with a silver lining.  The car manufacturers are letting go many of their employees during the recession.  Very sad and scary for the employees, however, the general consumer can assume that with a downturn in economy, these manufacturers are in desperate need of making a sale.  Use these handy tips for buying automobiles during the recession.

The Internet: A Car Buyer’s Best Friend

Searching the Internet for deals is a great way to start looking for your new or used vehicle.  Internet sites disclose all the information that you may find more difficult to get out of a lot salesperson, such as the actual cost of manufacturing the vehicle, what you could buy it for wholesale or other dealerships that are offering different incentives.  I have seen many advertisements for dealerships that are frantically trying to unload inventory.  Take advantage of this silver lining and check out the deals that are being offered during the recession.

Carfax for Finding History of Automobiles

There are many very honest car dealers who will tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to selling you a used vehicle.  But just in case, the general public now has access to Carfax.  For around thirty dollars, you can request the history of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.  This history will include all fender benders and accidents, no matter how big or small.

Arm yourself with this information as you begin the negotiation process when buying a car during the recession.   Remember that knowledge is power and in this case, leverage for negotiating a better deal.

Know your Blue Book Value

Referring back to our old friend the Internet, check out the Kelley Blue Book online to discover the book value of the vehicle you are looking at when shopping for a car during the recession.  You can also figure the value of your trade in should you have a car that you are trading.  There are actually several resources on the Internet such as Edmunds, Autotrader and NADA.  Do some cross-referencing to ensure that your information is as accurate as possible before shopping for automobiles during a recession.

Check the Car Mileage Before Buying Used Automobiles

Your Granddad may try to tell you that nothing will ever beat his old 65 Chevy, but Granddad may just be wrong.  Engines run so much cleaner now that many vehicles can be driven well beyond the 100,000 mile mark.  It used to be that when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle you would only consider the ones with the lowest mileage.  With today’s technological advances, you can afford to look at your dream car (with a few extra miles on it of course) and know that you will be still be able to drive it for a long time to come.

Don’t stop shopping just because of recession!

So don’t let the talk of recession scare you into avoiding the search for a new, or new-to-you vehicle.  Use you resources, arm yourself with good information and be able to reasonably buy automobiles during the recession.


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