How to Decorate a Small Bathroom on a Small Budget

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Things You’ll Need:

  • A bathroom
  • A budget
  • A little creativity
  • Bathroom necessities–you can choose what you want.

Step 1

Think about the color scheme/design you want in your bathroom. Rubber Duckies and bubbles? Neutrals? Floral Arrangements? Write down the colors or patterns you’ll be looking for.

Step 2

Plan on finding or purchasing, at the very least, a rug or two for the floor, a toilet cover, and a shower curtain in the same color scheme or pattern.

Step 3

Take a trip to the local chain store or discount store and shop around for your purchase. If you shop at more than one store, take your purchases with you to match style and colors. If you budgeted towels into your bathroom decor allowance, buy two sets that match the scheme of the shower curtain, rug and cover.

Step 4

Hang the shower curtain, put the rugs down and put the toilet seat cover on the toilet. Once you’re done, take a look at the space you have left and think about what you’d like to fill it with.

Step 5

Add the finishing touches. This is where you can get the most creative. Tiny shelves, especially shelves with hooks, are excellent fixtures in small bathrooms. They can be functional: hang items on the hooks and use the shelf for shampoo/lotion bottles; or decorative: place shells, small plants and ivy, or knick knacks that match your theme on the shelf.

Small pictures are also a great touch. Take a few photos yourself, frame them, and put them on the walls. Personal artwork always makes the decor more interesting, and it’s cheap. Pictures frames can even be made from small pieces of wood, popsicle sticks and other craft items.

Step 6

Enjoy! Change as desired. And don’t forget the toilet paper; this does not have to match the color scheme.


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