Keep the little ones quiet during a trip!

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Car games to occupy kids while drivingKids and toys!

Not the best combination for most parents on a Monday morning to school. But there is hope! Hopefully by the end of reading this article you would have found out at least 2 or more things to keep those little pests occupied and in one place for the 15 minutes it takes to drop them off to school.

Option 1:

Buy them a Nintendo DS.

This option is one of the easiest options as it provides the children with countless hours of playing and also has great Brain Training games which are suitable for all ages (but remember this is about your children not your Christmas budget!). The Nintendo DS comes with great games available for purchase including Pokemon Diamond/Pearl which provide hours of fun as it has a ‘Wi-Fi battle mode’ allowing them to have a quick battle with other children around the globe before having a battle with their teachers. Also end-users of the Nintendo DS are also able to buy a Opera web browser based cartridge which enables the little kiddies to watch a few videos, play games etc… providing they are able to connect to a Router in the car! Don’t forget about buying them Zelda games!

Option 2:

Buy them a PSP.

This option is similar to the PSP the only advantage is that it has the ability to store movies, games, pictures, music on a ‘Pro Duo’ Memory Card. Although the Nintendo DS has this feature, from my personal experience it is easier for me to transfer my work onto the PSP than the Nintendo DS mainly because I use it more!

Option 3:

Buy them a pen and a notebook!

By notebook you can either buy them a laptop (depending on their age) or a paper book which is useful as by the time they have finished playing O and X’s they will be at Gran Gran’s house.

Option 4:

Play Word Games!

This is what I do most of the time just simple games like naming counties from A-Z or states of America I-Spy etc…

Option 5:


Depending on how long the trip is let them have a good rest so they don’t get bored and tired if they are at a party and if there are other children there then I’m sure they will be able to play hide and seek!

Give them freedom.

So in conclusion there are a lot of things for your children to do on busy and long journeys but it is better if you buy them a Laptop, Nintendo DS or PSP as they will be able to play at the party aswell as whilst you are driving!

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