Exercise with a Gym Ball

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Exercise using a gym ball helps you get fit and burn calories. Gym balls are great for home workouts, gym workouts, group workouts and solo workouts. You can get fit and perform virtually any exercise using a gym ball and not need another piece of equipment. Not bad, eh?

Sit properly on the exercise ball. When you sit on one, you should always sit as you would in a chair with a proper spine. Part of working out with an exercise ball is to build core strength, sitting properly and using the ball properly helps you exercise correctly.

Perform sit ups. Sit ups is a common exercise to perform on a gym ball. You sit on it properly as you would a chair and set your feet firmly on the ground. You may want to have your feet braced against something to avoid rolling while you are performing the sit up. Using your core, lean back and then all the way forward performing a sit up as you would naturally. The key is to not let the ball roll while you do the sit up. This engages your thighs and buttocks in the abdominal workout.

Perform plank exercises. Laying supine on the floor, place your feet on the balance ball. With your arms flat, left your buttocks from the ground, holding the ball steady until your body forms a smooth diagonal line. Hold for thirty seconds and relax. Then repeat. This strengthens your lower back and buttocks.

Perform push-ups. The proper table top position with a gym ball is the opposite of the supine plank. You rest your lower legs on the gym ball with both hands flat on the floor. The ball should be located just above the ankles. This can take some getting used to, but the goal is to perform the push-ups while holding the ball steady.

Use the gym ball to perform wall squat. Place the gym ball between your back and the wall. Lean back against the ball so that it is held steady with your weight. Bend your legs and enter the sitting motion. The ball will roll down the wall and as you squat, strengthening your buttocks, thighs and calves. Hold the squat for a two count and then slowly rise back to neutral. Repeat ten times.


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