What is a Good Employee?

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The definition of a good employee in the modern workplace is one who performs above expectations. The characteristics associated with being an above average employee are measurable across many fields.  When an employer is evaluating a potential or current employee, these are the characteristics that are found in dedicated, hardworking and above average employees who fulfill their obligations and more.


An employee’s performance both reflects on and benefits the company that they work for.  Dependability is all about delivering what is promised. An employee who is dependable is at work on time, arrives at meetings on time; provide their deliverables on or before their due date.  Dependable employees never leave their employer wondering where they are professionally and make scheduling a dream.


Honorable employees are honest in their dealings with co-workers, company and clients.  They submit receipts only for expenses that are valid. They maintain client confidentiality and honor all contracts and agreements. They are not responsible for losses, questionable use of company resources or invalid overtime.  The honorable employee is one who can be trusted to do the right thing no matter the situation. 


.Unsurprisingly, the manageable employee makes corporate life easy for their supervisor. The manageable employee does not exhibit hostility to their supervisor’s instructions, questions or comments. They do not rock the boat or rely on insubordination to get their way. The manageable employee addresses any issues or grievances in a rational and respectful manner that not only delivers the message, but leaves it open to conversation and negotiation.


Team players are the best of employees. They recognize that they are a part of a team of co-workers, a department, a division and a company. Their achievements reflect on their co-workers and in turn, they appreciate the achievements of their co-workers. They are not greedy in their actions. They do not work as a lone wolf, desperate for all the glory and the accolades. Their primary interest is working in the best interests of the project, their co-workers, supervisors, company and clients. 


Employees who participate attend every meeting both with their team and with their company. They are present and accounted for at company events. They want to be in on brain storming sessions, they make the time to be supportive of the process and they are committed to excellence in all its forms.

A good employee is dependable.  They deliver what they promise. A good employee is honorable. They are honest in their work and their dealings. A good employee is manageable. They listen to their supervisor and work with them. A good employee is a team player. They take pride in their co-workers achievements as well as their own. A good employee is a participant. They participate in the process, the meetings and more.   There is no such thing as the perfect employee, but the good employee performs above expectations and is the very next best thing.


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