Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Episode 4.16

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After the powerful revelations in No Exit, this week’s Deadlock felt very much like a deadlock on all fronts as the emotions, the pain and the birth of new ideas struggled to survive.  Throughout the series, the parallels of Colonial and Cylon survival have played out, first subtly and more recently in powerful overtones 

What We Knew

Hera is the child of two races, a product of the love shared by Athena and Helo.  Despite pregnancy being a goal of Athena’s initial involvement with Helo, it is the genuine love she feels for him that allows her pregnancy and also turns her against the Cylon plan. Helo’s love in return keeps him devoted throughout her long incarceration. They take whatever is thrown at them by both sides, but remain steady in their commitment to each other.

Interestingly enough, Hera’s birth is heralded by both sides as momentous. The revelation that Tyrol is a Cylon made it seem that his son Nicky is similarly endowed, but he’s not Tyrol’s biological son and Hera’s status as the only Hybrid is secure.  During Athena’s pregnancy, blood from Hera and stem cells from the amniotic sac were enough to halt and reverse President Roslin’s cancer.   Roslin took Hera from them in an attempt to protect the humans from what she didn’t understand.  The Cylons kept Hera when they found her on New Caprica, but Hera grew weaker and weaker until finally reunited with her mother and father and the love they have for her.

For a Cylons and humans, survival lies in the power of love, forgiveness and compassion.

What We Learn

In direct contrast to her powerful and nearly messianic calm of No Exit, Ellen turns into a bitter and scornful woman when confronted with the evidence that her husband Saul moved on after her ‘death’.  She tries desperately to put the Saul and Caprica relationship in context, but the evidence of Carprica’s pregnancy is too much.   Tory and the other Cylons put forth the proposition that the Basestar should jump away from the fleet now that the Final Five are reunited.

In a surprising turn of events, Tyrol agrees with Tory.  Anders wanted to stay with the fleet as does Saul. That’s two to go and two to stay. The Cylons all insist that majority rules, so they must agree to the vote, they all go or they all stay.  Ellen is the deciding vote, but she is obsessing over Saul’s relationship with Caprica and the fact that Saul and Ellen had sex just shortly after her arrival while his pregnant paramour does not know.

Funny Fact: Ellen is appalled that Saul slept with Caprica not because of his ‘betrayal’ but because the Sixes were created by the Final Five.  “We made them.”  Although Saul does not remember it, Ellen does and it’s as though someone told her that Saul slept with their daughter.  

Ellen continues to grapple with the idea that Saul and Caprica are expecting a baby.  Caprica is attacked in Dogsville and more than ably defends herself. The baby is fine. She visits Cottle often to make sure that baby Liam (it’s a boy) is doing well.  Ellen comes to Tigh’s quarters and shares a poignant confrontation with Caprica.   Caprica does not view Ellen with the same reverence the other Cylons do. In fact, she is wary of Ellen’s bitter outbursts and cutting remarks.  Ellen is two people, the Final Five Ellen in all her wisdom and the bitter and regretful wife. 

Poignant Fact: Ellen remembers thousands of years of marriage while Saul does not.  When speaking with Roslin, Lee and Bill Adama at the beginning of the episode, Ellen asks if she can see the others.  Then asks them to imagine, just imagine, not 50,000 survivors, just five. Imagine how close those five would be.  Her affection at being reunited with the others is tempered by their lack of connection – their memories are still missing.


Another momentous change is ongoing throughout the episode.  Galen and his crews are applying the “Cylon goop” to the damaged and fractured Galactica.  Bill is mourning the loss of his ship as she undergoes this metamorphosis.  In a moment of drunken clarity (he certainly is drinking more and more) and conversation with Saul, he states uneasily she will be human on the outside, but Cylon on the inside.

Gaius returns to flock after leaving them during the Mutiny.  They’re hoarding food, trading with others and armed. He’s surprised by the swift changes in his absence.  Head Six advises him that the sheep have a new shepherd.  Paula’s faith in Baltar is not wavering, it’s gone.  He and she wage a psychological warfare with each other that results in all their food being taken, but Baltar does not let her turn it into a bitter commentary o n their existence.  Spurred on by Head Six, he tells them that they can be stronger. He goes to Adama, Roslin and Lee to ask for the weapons.  

Persuasive Fact: Baltar’s ties to the Cylons dates back to the destruction of the Colonies. His original relationship with Caprica Six gave the Cylons access to shut down the Colonial defenses.  She saved him from the blast.  He later took Helo’s place on Boomer’s raptor to join the fleet. His interactions on and off shows his intense need to survive, but his also chameleon like ability to take any side in an argument.

Baltar’s argument that the fleet is already blending and becoming half-human/half-Cylon is recognized by all three in charge. He also states that his people aren’t ready, not while they feel helpless and starving. Giving them guns and some measure of control, allows them to feel more equal and less likely to revolt.  Apparently Adama agrees and the weapons are delivered.

Love and Betrayal

Ellen’s obsession with punishing Saul comes to a head when she summons them all to a meeting and states she’s voted to go. They will all join the Base Ship and leave. Caprica wants her baby to be safe, but she clearly doesn’t trust Ellen. Saul flat out refuses to go, majority rules or not.  The humans need us, is his argument. Bill needs him.  He won’t leave.  Ellen points out, rather smugly, that neither she nor Caprica can compete with Saul’s real love:  Bill Adama.  

Caprica begins to experience cramps and distress. She’s rushed to Cottle and despite Ellen’s attempts to make up for her punishing attack, baby Liam dies.   Caprica Six and Saul are both destroyed.  Ellen tries to apologize, but it’s not enough. She admits she would never have forced the Cylons to leave.  They need the humans, the hybrid Hera is the harbinger of the future – the combination of the two is stronger than each is individually.  The tribes proved that.  But it’s too late for baby Liam.  Adama comforts his friend, but the loss of a son is something Adama understands too well.

Side Note:

Kara is seen throughout in brief moments. She is seeing a piano player in the bar and hearing him. When she asks the bartender about when they got a piano player, he gives her an odd look.  Is Kara only hearing and seeing the player in her head?

In sick bay, Ander’s brain activity suddenly spikes.

Tyrol wants to see Boomer. He recognizes Boomer the moment she comes off the Raptor. Boomer is put in the brig because she still shot Adama all those years ago.   Kara advises him to go see Boomer while she is sleeping.  At the end of the episode, Tyrol is gazing in at the sleeping Boomer.

Roslin and Adama are both wrestling with the blending of Cylon and human until they walk through the hall of memory decorated with photos of the lost and the fallen.  They see a Six gazing at a spot on the wall and after she leaves, they go over to it.  On the wall are photos of the models that have died since the rebel Cylons joined the fleet.

The blending has already happened.

Four episodes remain.


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