How to Lead a More Successful and Happier Life

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Happiness seems to be a hard thing for some people to grasp. During the course of my lifetime I’ve come to realize that happiness is not something you can achieve as much as it is, how you live. This has been confirmed over and over in my life and I would like to share some of my thoughts about how I think you can live a happy life and believe that if you apply them in your life, they will help you too.

Hatred. Free your heart of hatred. Forgive and forget; move on. I’ve found that the tighter I hold onto grudges, or rehash past hurts and pains, the more miserable I become. Hanging onto unforgiveness keeps me in an emotional jail cell and keeps me from enjoying life to the fullest. It doesn’t do anything to the person who upset me and I hold the key to the jail door. When I can let go and forgive, I choose the freedom of forgiveness over the bondage of feeling sorry for myself and the pain and anguish I’m experiencing. My attitude changes and life becomes much easier and far more pleasant not only for me, but those around me.

Worries. The fact that we all worry was, I guess maybe built in to us, but it has never, ever, changed one single thing about what we are worrying or upset over. Spend your time dwelling on thoughts of peace and good instead of concentrating on things that don’t go exactly like you want them to. I choose to put my faith in God, knowing that he knows all things and can see the big picture that you and I cannot. However you choose to deal with it though is of course completely up to you. Just realize that all the worry in the world will not change a thing and only make your life worse. Don’t waste precious time and energy on it. Choose to think about the good things in your life and you will live a much happier and prosperous life. Just let it go. 

Simplicity. Appreciate what you have. Enjoy each and every breath you take and enjoy the fact that it is literally a gift. Live simple. Don’t put all your thought in things you possess or think that you should have. Learn to appreciate the simple things in life like family, friends and things that really make a difference in your day to day activities. Go outside on a pretty day and just look around at nature and smell the clean, fresh air. Learn that you are merely here for a speck of time in relation to an eternity and make the most of what you do have. Be thankful; be happy; be simple.

Giving. There’s a universal law that says the more you give, the more you receive. The Bible says that it is better to give than to receive and whether you realize or believe it or not doesn’t even matter because it’s always at work in your life. In my opinion whether you are helping your neighbor, volunteering or supporting a cause you believe in it gives you a sense of peace that you can only get when you participate in helping or giving to others. But listen up, because this is the most important aspect of giving, and that is, when you give you must never, ever, expect anything in return. It must be done out of the goodness that comes from your heart to be effective. 

Expectations. We have such unrealistic expectations about things and people. Things can never make us happy and quickly lose their shine and appeal. And we all know people will let you down. Obsolescence is the state of being which occurs when a person, object, or service is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order. We’re all guilty of this term. You want a bigger house, a newer car, a better television, or whatever the case may be. Learn to appreciate what you have and don’t try to keep up with the world because if you want to know the true meaning of vanity, just take a look around.

And last but certainly not least, Love. I don’t care what anyone says, money is not what makes the world go round, love is. While there is nothing wrong with money and certainly not anything wrong with having alot of it, it still cannot, and will not ever buy you true happiness. Money is but a tool that is made to be used in our everyday life.

If you take a serious and indepth look at wealthy people you’ll discover that the only ones that are truly happy are the ones that are giving back almost as much money as they are keeping. And also the fact that, at least with the majority, the way they came to have as much money as they do was by helping other people in one form or another.

The accumulation of money is not the secret to happiness. It’s the things money can do to help others when it is shared freely to people around you in need. And that can only be done if you have love in your heart for others. 

These steps to happiness really do work. Some of them may take a major attitude adjustment and some added thought and effort, but if you practice them, I believe you can achieve a more meaningful sense of happiness as well as inner peace. I also believe they can be major steps toward wisdom and maturity.


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