Decorating Guide for Horse Themed Teen Bedroom

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Teens who love horses can think of nothing but the stable.  The smell of fresh hay, saddle soap and leather along with the sight of the hanging bridles and the big brown eyes of their favorite horse are simply irresistible to the true horse lover.  What would be better than waking up to the environment of the stable in your very own bedroom?  There are many resources available to the equestrian oriented decorator.

Haunting local thrift shops and antique shops can result in a surprising amount of treasures.  Horse figurines, sketches and paintings are plentiful for little expense.  You may also luck into such finds as an old bridle or braid rug reminiscent of the tack room.  Look for equestrian themed pillows and saddle blankets to add to your décor.  A saddle blanket would also make a unique scatter rug for your horse themed room.

Keep in mind, as you pursue your hunt for all things horse in your local shops, you are also contributing to our nations’ push toward reusing, recycling and repurposing.  Every cherished knick-knack you reuse takes another step toward saving our earth.  And the thrill of the hunt can become addictive!  You may find yourself getting up early on Saturday mornings to hit the yard sales and the thrift shops to see what great things people are getting rid of that day!

If haunting the thrift shops doesn’t thrill you, or if you want to mix a little new with the old, there are endless resources on the internet and at your local stores.  Home decoration and paint shops offer a large selection of wall coverings from strictly horses to horseshoes, saddles and general cowboy themes.  Your paint shop can match any color you choose.  Order your comforter and curtains online and bring them in to choose the color you want to highlight.

The next time you visit your stately, four-legged friend at the barn, look around and see what kind of flowers are growing nearby.  Many specialty stores carry a wide variety of scented oils and candles that can evoke the ambiance of the meadow just outside of the barn.  There are also places that will mix a scent up for you.  Maybe you like the earthy odor of wet grass in the morning or freshly cut hay.  These are all ways of creating your special horse environment in your bedroom.

The barn is usually a rustic place, a casual atmosphere.  Consider visiting auctions or estate sales to find the perfect light fixture for your room.  Perhaps one that actually hung in a barn at some time.  A perfect addition to your horse room!

Remember, sometimes less is more. There are so many decorative routes to take it would be easy to end up in overkill.  So take your time, do your shopping and don’t be in too much of a hurry to create the perfect space for your equine getaway.


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