To Be a Recessionista!

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How does one become a recessionista?  Quite simply, one changes one’s perspective on current economic conditions.  Consider what you can do to become empowered by way of your own thinking and resourcefulness instead of going along with what the media and the people around you are saying.

Look at the recession as an opportunity, to save money, to change your way of looking at money, to learn new ways of dealing with money.  Being a recessionista is not all about money, of coarse.  Opportunities abound to learn new skills to improve yourself, your house, your personal economic situation, your job.  As a recessionista, you are investing in yourself.  Utilize your library, your neighbors, your internet.  The world, and its economic crisis, is your oyster.

Choose to be different.  Everyone is talking about how terrible things are in the world.  What if you can improve the world, even a little bit, and save money at the same time?  You certainly can, by starting a garden, walking instead of driving, bartering instead of paying with a credit card.

To come out ahead in this economic situation, you must choose to make new ends, as opposed to making ends meet.


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