12 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

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There are a million reasons why you should quit smoking mainly because smoking greatly affects your health and also your wallet. Smokers find it really difficult to quit right away so gradually decreasing the amount of cigarettes you smoke everyday is better. Here are a few tips to help you quit.

1. You have to believe in yourself. Never say things like “I am not strong enough to do it.” Believing in yourself will also help in your will power.

2. Get a paper and write down the reasons why you want to quit. The reasons could be your family, money, smell and feel better.

3. Friends and family can help a lot. Ask them for their support but it is very important that they will be non-judgmental. You should also let them know that when you quit smoking you are going to be irrational and irritable. That is a sign of smoking withdrawal.

4. Set a date. Say for example next Monday I will stop smoking. Cherish your last cigarette.

5. Doctors can be of great help. They can prescribe medicine that will help you quit. Guidance from a doctor is proven to help you quit.

6. If you did not exercise while you smoked then start exercising. Exercise is known to relieve stress and it will also help your body to recover. Three to four times a week are enough and to be on the safer side, contact your doctor before you start the exercises.

7. Start seeing and imagining yourself as a non-smoker. Picture yourself turning down a cigarette offer. Visualization is known to work.

8. Cut back from your cigarettes gradually so that on the quit date you will find it easier. Plan how many you can smoke everyday and keep making that number smaller as days go by.

9. Finding another smoker who is trying to quit can also help you a lot. You can challenge each other and make it like a competition. You can find other people who are trying to quit on various sites online.

10. Have your teeth cleaned and notice the difference. Cigarettes make your teeth look yellow, not to mention other mouth diseases smoking can lead to.

11. Reward yourself. For example after a year of no smoking give yourself a little celebration.

12. When you feel the need to smoke a cigarette put something else in your mouth. You can find artificial cigarettes at your local pharmacy.


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