Lose weight AND gain Insight with your Mind and Heart!

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Lose weight with your mind and heart!

Do you remember when you were a kid and your folks were trying to feed you some of that green stuff that you really hated but because they said, “this one is for gramma” or “this one is for uncle Andy” you ate it  because you wanted to makesure our loved ones had something to eat.  Pretty psycological if you stop and think about it. We at that young age wanted to give. Giveof ourselves. 

I was doing some heavy duty  thinking a short time ago as I was trying to lose weight and wondered how I could do that almost impossible task.  You know the extra ten pounds that just creeps up  slowly over the years and decidedly sticks to the ribs,  never to leave,  kind of weight. I had tried all types of diets to beat this extra weight but nothing, except  perhaps a pound here or there, to show for all my sacrifice and effort. That was nothing compared to my feeling of deprivation as I would brood about my situation.

Then one day as I was reading the news of the third world countries and the sad state that many of our brothers in the world have to suffer I had an idea!  They don’t have the luxury of preparing gormet meals or even a good ‘ol chicken pot pie. Many are lucky if they receive their rations of rice a day. Upon reflection and realization how that must feel emotionally and physically,  my heart went out to them.  Even though I give through a charitable organization, I realized that I never have to feel the way that they do. I never have to go hungry.  

I had a light bulb go on just then and thought, I want to feel how my brothers and sisters feel. I want to know how it feels to go hungry and embrace my hunger pangs, in a sense.  I can share those feelings  with so many across the world that feel that way. I also realized that the money that I saved from not buying the chocolate bar or fancy meal I could donate. 

But Voila! There is a bonus that occurs during my empathy diet.  I lose that stubborn 10 pounds, feel good about doing it and I believe as I am joining in feeling the pain of our sisters and brothers around the globe, that God in heaven hears the pain felt “prayers” and we shall be blessed in more ways than one!

This is not to say that one needs not to eat at all but just chop it down to where the pains are tolerable.When you want to keep eating just take a moment and reflect on those that cannot eat.  Believe me. It works!


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