5 Tips for New Skiers

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Definitely the most popular winter sport, skiing can also be very dangerous if you’re not 100% prepared. To make sure you enjoy your first skiing experience, we have come up with a list of basic tips that will help you on your way down the snowy slopes.

1. Acclimatize

Acclimatization is especially important if you spend most of your time in places with a warm climate. You have to give your body time to adjust to the low temperature, otherwise you risk serious injuries, so instead of jumping on the skis on your first day, go for a nice walk, explore the surroundings until your body gets used to the high altitude and the different temperature. Watching everyone having fun on the slope can be really tempting, but you must remember patience is a virtue, and put your well-being above all.

2. Get into shape

Skiing might look easy when watching others doing it, but maintaining your balance whilst sliding down a mountain is anything but easy. It really takes a toll on the body and that’s why you must be prepared for the challenge. If you’re one of those people that works at an office most of the day and doesn’t do sports on a regular basis, you must find the time and get some exercise before heading for the mountains. A few hours at the gym and some yoga classes can save you from nasty injuries like sprains or even ruptured muscles.

3. Pick the right skiis and boots

Since this is your first skiing experience, buying an expensive, professional pair of skis is not the best decision. Who knows, you might not even enjoy it as much as you thought and you’d have spent the money for nothing. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful when picking out the skies and boots at the rental shop.

The most important thing is making sure the skis are about 30 cm shorter than your height. Shorter skis are a lot easier to turn while longer ones will just keep crossing each other. When choosing the right boots make sure you can move your toes but your foot doesn’t slip from side to side when the boot is done up.

4. Stay warm

In order to enjoy yourself while skiing, it’s very important that you feel warm and comfortable. That’s why picking the right equipment plays such a vital role in the skiing experience. What most people don’t know is they shouldn’t wear cotton clothes right next to their skin while skiing, because that will only make them cold. Instead wear a thermal under layer, made out of filament silk or LIFA. Don’t wear the thickest clothes you can find in the closet, the best way to stay warm is to have on as many layers of clothing as possible.

Make sure your outer layer is water-proof and wear only one pair of socks because, believe it or not, multiple pairs of socks will only make you colder.

5. Don’t over do it

Skiing is a great sport and sometimes it’s really hard to stop, but after a few hours it’s time to call it a day and give your body a well deserved rest. It’s best evening doesn’t find you on the slope, since visibility and temperature are low, and most accidents occur during this time.


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