Review for the Website: BestSoftware4download

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Review for the Website:

Download thousands of software for practically any kind you can need: Games & Entertainment, Graphic Apps, Free Audio & Multimedia, and much more!!!

The Website is specialized on downloads for Free. The site is not so much clean designed, but is very functionally. Taking the categories for downloads in organized way, with description for each one software, support necessary and rating given for users.  There you can choice many categories of software for download, as like: Free Audio & Multimedia, Business software, Communications, Games & Entertainment, Education software, Graphic Apps, etc.

In the left side you chose the software category, in a organized structure as so:

1.Audio & multimedia

1.1 Encoders/Decoders

1.1.1 Audio File Players

1.1.2 Audio File Recorders

1.1.3 CD Buners

1.1.4 CD Players

1.1.5 Multimedia Creation

1.2 Tools

1.2.1 Music Composers

1.2.2 Presentations Tools


In category of three kind (as like 1.1.1 Audio Files Players) you can see the software for download. The web site takes you a big list (in this section in February 2009 has  185 for download). In this list have three options(Details, Download, Add to Watch list). In the firth option you see the page of program, in the second the site take you the direct download link to the program, in the last option you assign for an e-mail subscription for new versions and promotion to the software.

Take especial attention on this: the license for downloads the software- Freeware, Shareware or GNU.

The freeware license, is for software which do not lose yours functionality on the time, this is, it’s forever the same, with the same resources how as you read on the description. However, the shareware downloads, the resources of the software WILL BE LOSE before a period of time. This software are in trial version for free download, before the “trial period” those are lose all or partly of the resources.

My general balance for the site is: very good, greatly recommend, add to your bookmarks. This is one site to return ever you need any software.

Go to

Experience it.

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