US Failed in Bringing Democracy to Cuba After Five Decades

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The US government has failed in bringing democracy to Cuba after 47 years of economic sanctions that made life even more difficult for its citizens.

US Republican Senator Richard Lugar said that the US Embargo has failed. According to the senator from Indiana, the unilateral embargo has failed to achieve its stated purpose of bringing democracy to the Cuban people.

The United States and Cuba have no full diplomatic relations but former president George Bush, during his administration, allowed the sale to Cuba of US made goods provided they are paid on cash basis.

During the long years of economic sanctions, Cubans have been deprived of many conveniences and freedom that democracy offers, including their freedom to travel.

The Raw Story reports: Under current ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy, Cubans picked up by US Coast Guard vessels at sea are returned to their country, while any Cubans who made it to the US soil, even illegally, gets to stay, work and obtain residency.

It is a policy the United States does not have for nationals of any other country. Cuba complains that it fuels dangerous illegal immigration by sea’, the report added.

The US senate committee report, which is due for release shortly, urged the present administration to review the current US immigration policy of the US towards Cuba.

US president Barack Obama has pledged to dialogue with all foreign leaders including US traditional foes, in sharp contrast to successive US administrations which sought to isolate Havana.

During his campaign for presidency, Obama said Cuba embargo had not help bring democracy to the island. He said he will end some sanctions on Cuban-Americans traveling to the island, and eliminate limits on their remittances to relatives in Cuba.

The committee report is expected to trigger free wheeling discussions on the US-Cuba relations. Already, some lawmakers have introduced in congress a bill that will allow US citizens unrestricted travel to Cuba.


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