Effective Evangelism

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There is a neat saying like that says you may be the only bible some peole ever read.   This means our life need to reflect our doctrine.  Its not the healthy who need a doctor its the sick.  Sometimes when you are sick you cant do things for yourself that you normally could do when your healthy.  That’s why we need to be that doctor in people’s live.  Jesus interacted with people on a daily basis, Jesus could have said everyone in this line be healed and saved himself the trouble of having to stand in line in the hot sun and deal with the sinful backstabbing people but he did.  Some of us do the opposite of Jesus when we hand people a prayer card, or we tell them we will pray for them and never do.

To be successfual in evangelism you need to be in peoples lives.  I am not talking about being nosy I am talking about  actually go over peoples houses to pray with them, or dopping food off when there sick, or giving your time even when you don’g feel like giving your time to someone else.  People need to see the Jesus in you, not the devil around you. People you are trying to help need to be able to recognize Jesus, they need to feel loved.  Before you even begin to talk about the bible your life should show the bible to them.  People need to see the love that Jesus talked about.

On the sermon on the mount Jesus said do people light a lamp to put it under a bowl.   No people light a lamp and put it on a stand and it gives light to everyone in the house.  Are you a stay away from people ministry if you are you have put your lamp under a bowl so that no one sees your light.  Putting your light on its stand means getting from behind your chair and being a friend and showing love to people who cant show love themselves.


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