Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25

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Many Christians are dead set on December 25th being the date of Jesus birth but with some research you will discover that December 25th is not infact the date of Jesus birth.  But if December 25th is not the date of Jesus birth why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25th.  Many people in are day and age due things blindly, and follow beliefs blindly even the bible says study to show thyself approved.  If people would take the time to research we can see allot more clearly and just maybe our eyes will be opened to new ideas and paths.

Many Scholars agree that Jesus birth did not take place on december 25th if you are a student of the bible you will stumble upon these facts yourself as well.  The Gospel of Luke mentions the sheprherds who recieved the announcement of Jesus birth where watching there sheep by night.  This describles lambing time which takes place during the spring.  During the spring the spepherds would watch thier flock around the clock.   The shepherds more than likely would have kept their sheep in the coral.

December 25th was the date chosen by the romans.  The Romans had a celebration to honor the return of longer days due to fear that the earth would die because of the shortening of thier days.  The Romans celebration was called Sol Invictus feast of the sun.  The Bishop of Rome during those times allowed the Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Christianity was illegal at that day and age so this celebration allowed Christians to celebrate without fear of being killed.


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