A Father’s Son: Chapter 1

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She was always the “perfect” one of us.  Our father seemed to have labeled her as the smartest, the most proficient, and the most beautiful the day she was born.  He just forgot about me, by the time I had been delivered, he had left the Crystal Temple with the newborn girl, ready to show her off to the world.  I don’t know how to identify the source of my father’s hatred toward me.  From the day I was born to the day he died, he shunned me away and rejected my company.  All his faith was placed in that girl, and by the age of 14, she was just blossoming into her youthful beauty.  She was truly the only thing that mattered to my father, and as she said her farewell to the lame old mule lying on his deathbed, her deep brown eyes betrayed her and let loose a teardrop.  The funeral went quite smoothly, and I had watched from one of the tall Ancient Trees of our forest, as I had not been invited.
Ahh, the trees.  Sometimes I find that a pleasant walk in the forest can solve all emotional problems, at least temporarily.  I frequently used to spend my time taking these walks, away from my father.  It was so very hard growing up in a Royal Elven Family.  In fact, our family was the Highest in Illyria, and was responsible for taking care of the entire Elven civilization.  We were a unique family.  I, with six siblings, would often run off into the woods, seeking the trees for company.  It is written in the histories that we Elves are the descendants of The Great Tree Spirit, responsible for the creation the Illyrian Forest and the animals dwelling within.  Our brains are formatted differently than those of the humans, allowing us to communicate telepathically and use our emotions and our will to create fields of energy, that can be manipulated into creating a physical change in the environment.  This is called magic by the humans.  The humans, over the years, have trained themselves to use magic by drawing on the life force of things around them, such as other animals and plants.  This is what makes them such a threat to our peaceful existence.
A child of the Royal Family is trained from day one to be a warrior, an educator, and a leader.  Next year I go on the Durasimia Rexna, The Hardships of the Kings.  All Royalty has to go through this set of tasks at the age of 15, and I must go with her.  We do not know what the tasks are, since they change every time.  Everyone comes back, but some come with great wisdom and knowledge, and some come back crippled and dumb.  We must swear an oath to protect Illyria with our lives, and as we are the eldest, be ready to take her under our supervision.  The people draw faith and courage from our leadership, and we must set an example. 
When    the time came for the Durasimia Rexna to take place, we were lead to a cave to be given a briefing.  As I sat down on one of the jagged rocks, she said to me:
“Can you not hear that?”
“Umm, nah, I think your ears are deceiving you once again.  Maybe it is the spirit of father     harrasing you?”
In response, she just grimaced and sat down next to me. 
The instructions were given in Tyrian, a language even older than ours, and known only by the Royal Family and assistants.  It was a shame, because this “ceremony” marked my becoming a man, and her becoming a woman.  The elf giving the instructions had not finished before I heard it as well.  The easily distinguishable racket of trebuchets and long bows.  The crude weapons of the humans. 
“I cannot believe it.  Yoni what is happening?”
“I-I do not know.  Perhaps we are being attacked by the Jubai again.  Those southern rebels
are always looking for a fight!”
“Well, get up you meat sack, we’re gonna go and crush these insolent swine!”
I cringed when she spoke….Her words were…powerful.
“Yes fine, as long as you stand by me.”
With that we made an exit of the cave.  The elf who had been giving us the briefing had fled, which discouraged me because I feared most of our Royal Assistants had a similar lack of courage.
As we ran to the Crystal Temple to get our armor and weapons, I started thinking about my father.  I came to the conclusion that I was just the “other” kid.  She was smarter, faster, and of course, beautiful.  I was, on the other hand, stronger, slower, and enjoyed “useless” activities like music and spending time alone in the forest.  The fact that my father had neglected me my whole life has been haunting me, it feels as if I am being torn from three ways, between resentment of my father, forgiveness, and a newfound jealousy of her.
These thoughts swam through my head and projected themselves into my conscience as I ran with her.  Now is not the time to be thinking of the past, it is time to look towards present, to see life as if comes, not as it goes.  It is my sworn duty to defend my people, and that cannot be overlooked, so for the moment, I leave you to prepare myself for confronting the humans on the battlefield.


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