How to install RAM in a PC desktop

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Steps for RAM installation in a PC desktop

1.    Unplug desktop, and all peripherals
2.    Open desktop side door
-it may be a good idea to dust out the computer before RAM installation, just to
keep everything in good working order.  Use compressed air in a can or a
compressor.  Make sure not to get the fans running too fast when blowing them
out, as you may strip the bearings. 
*There is usually either a latch around the back to open the side door, or a couple of screws. 
3.    Ground yourself
4.    Take RAM out of anti-static bag
5.    Push back the small little arms on the top and bottom of the RAM slot

6.    Line up the pins
7.    Insert the RAM and push down hard.  It takes some force to get the RAM in, just
push it in until the arms click around the stick.  Make sure that your pins are lined
up, though, and that you are not pushing it in the wrong direction.
8.    Put side door back on, and plug in computer.  Then boot it up, and check your
RAM amount (to do this go: Start-Control Panel-System) to verify that it is the
correct amount.

*You can find good, reliable RAM at (it is a bit more pricy than newegg, but it is of high quality)

*Crucial has a tool that helps you identify what type of RAM your computer needs, and then shows you the maximum it can take.  This took is very handy for the average user or even the professional.  I highly recommend Crucial technology.


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