The Lost Worlds: chapter 5

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Episode 5-The Beginning of the End
The brute swung his cudgel with full force, and I fell to the ground attempting to absorb all that energy.  My shield was now in two, and judging by the excruciating pain in my left arm, I would say that the bone was broken as well.  The Gamanite swung at me, and I rolled to the side so as to dodge the cudgel.  As he was attempting to pull it out of the ground (his own strength had been detrimental in this instance.)  Just as the gigantic club was about to part with the ground, I swung my Falcata full force at the brute’s leg, severing the limb.  He uttered a horrible scream and I did not hesitate to slash again.  This time I got his neck, and he passed into The Wasteland, a place where all souls go. 
I quickly scanned the field to check the status of my comrades.  They were falling like dominoes, and I needed to do something.  I jumped on the back of the closest brute, and drove my sword into his neck vertically.  That was two so far, and as I finished off a third, I realized we could barely hold of against ONE wave.  This was definitely worse than I expected.  These boys were not well trained in the art of swordplay.  I, on the other hand, had learned from my sister.  The only thing hindering my dominance of the battlefield was my upper body strength.  I concluded that without large muscles, I would simply have to distribute my weight correctly when fighting.  After applying my newfound knowledge, the brutes started dropping like flies.  My Falcata was stained with the yellow blood of the Gamanites. 
I ran to and fro finding the most vulnerable brutes and exploiting their folly.  Forty seven Gamanites had fallen by the slash of my Falcata so far, and I had become the General of our little juvenile army.  There were still a total of about forty Gamanites left, and I think that if I could get the boys in a formation appropriate for flanking, we could win this within the next ten minutes.
The battle was in our favor, and the reasoning for this is quite normal due the human quality of observation.  The other boys had witnessed my “weight distribution in place of strength” method, and had applied it to their technique.  I rallied the boys, and got us all back into formation.  We charged at the last thirty brutes, weapons in the air and fury rushing through our veins  I ran around the right flank and began to get the brutes from the rear, where they were vulnerable.  We massacred them.  These boys were headstrong, and with a bit of training I am sure they would become apt soldiers.  We sustained losses of about a hundred.  Numerous by modern Illyrian standards, but not bad by ancient standards, especially due to the fact that it was boys versus brutes. 
The boys and I were so overwhelmed with the fact that we were victorious.  It was truly amazing.  We had killed of the entire first wave, and on returning to the Citadel we found out that the rest of the Gamanite army had fled into the hills.  Our scouts estimated that they would return within the week.  I took this as an opportunity to suggest conditioning and training for my boys.  We needed to be prepared for the next wave, and I was ready to take the training into my own hands.  I had read many books on Illyrian fighting tactics and methods.  I also wanted to increase our upper body strength through work-outs, because as I could see on all of the faces, we were exhausted and in pain.
At the moment, only three things were crossing our minds.  A bath, a dinner, and a bed.  We all were hungry, dirty, and tired.  Our wishes were granted, and we slept like our deceased brothers many of which were still resting on the battlefield.


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