The Lost Worlds: chapter 3

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Episode 3-The Travelling
Kisho could not feel, but he could dream…..
I felt a falling sensation, then a crash.  My head felt as if it was bursting, my chest exploding, my heart thumping.  Then it struck me, I was being “shot” into the Time-Orb that I had seen earlier.  I witnessed the world I had known collapse around me, and as I woke I noticed that my surroundings resembled those B.S.D. 2400.  The translation into Earth’s years comes out to be 400 B.C. 
As soon as I rose from the mud-covered ground I was knocked down again, by a large Samurai, accompanied by a few Royal Archers.  Then it came to me, I had been transported into Ancient Illryia, a time where war never ceased, yet technology constantly advanced.  Ancient Illryia was a dangerous place to be, but it had its upsides.  There were many beautiful places to see that had not yet been trampled by the studded boots of the Gamanites, but had been left alone, quite untouched.  Times were dark, but Illryia had been known for technological advancement since the birth of time itself.  The Kingdom already had discovered indoor farming, quite a bit of medicinal knowledge, and had even mapped a large chunk of the planet. 
I gazed forward in amazement.  The time-orb actually worked, but the scientists had made a rash mistake.  Technically, the monitoring devices they injected into me had not yet been invented, and they certainly would not work through another dimension….or would they?

Kisho felt it was necessary to move before his neck was cut or his chest pierced.  He ran with the frantic Illryian citizens to the gate, and once inside the safety of the then new walls, he began to find his way around the capital he knew so well. 
And to think, I am standing right where our home is, in the present, but in the past.  It sends chills down my back just to think that I have no predetermined way out, and that Elizabeth’s summoner’s powers can do nothing.  One would normally say I am doomed.  But that is only normally.  This situation was far from normal.  It spat in the face of time-scientists and all time theories ever-formed. 
Kisho was almost proud to have done what 99.6% of beings deem impossible. 
Ok, enough fancy talk, time to find some “COVER!” 
Just then a large boulder came crashing down on a group of Illryians less than 10 feet from Kisho.  It was definitely time to move, and quick.


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