The Lost Worlds: chapter 2

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Episode 2-The Happening
The forest path was marked by stones so that people could find their way back into town.  Each stone had a number, the distance left until one reached town.  A few days ago, Kisho and Elizabeth had witnessed government archaeologists digging around.  Elizabeth assumed that the government was selling Illyrian artifacts to the French again.  So when Kisho returned, he had found nothing.  The boy thought to himself, “I suppose the government has taken all the artifacts close to the path.  Maybe they didn’t search farther out into the forest.  I have my bow, I shall be fine.”  So Kisho made the rash decision of leaving the path.  That is when it happened.
A gargantuan man in armor that shone like the sun yanked Kisho by the arm and held him in place while another beastly man tied up his arms and legs.  Then he felt an Electrosword smash him in the head, and it was darkness.  The next thing he knew he woke up in a lab, with what looked like a giant orb of liquified glass in the center.  Kisho squirmed and wrestled with his bindings, but to no avail.  They were adamant.  As he couldn’t really move, he yelled instead.  The boy wanted to know what was going on, and to his surprise they told him.
A tall man in a suit appeared in a large doorway in the back of the room.  As he exposed himself to light, Kisho recognized him from television.  He was President Suzukima of Illyria!  Sweat dripped off of Kisho as Suzukima calmly walked over to the table where Kisho was tied.  He began in his slow, relaxed voice, “I’ll make this short for you kid.  Kisho Datsuki III.  This is Military Operation ‘Deja Vu.’  We are experimenting with travel to different time dimensions.  It has been noted that a grown adult cannot travel to one of the three different dimensions, and as a result, we need a boy.  That is where you come in.  Do you realize how important you are to this project?  You are to be the future of modern warfare, Datsuki.  We are going to utilize this technology once YOU perfect it.  We may even decide to bring you back…if you ‘behave.’”  The President chuckled to himself, and left it at that, slowly strolling out of the room.
Kisho didn’t have a clue what to do.  He was proud, scared, and frustrated all at the same time.  And to think, it had simply been that he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  “But if the President’s little time travel orb really works, can’t I just reverse all of this in the past?”
Just then they injected him with a sedative, and it all turned to darkness…


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