The Lost Worlds: chapter 1

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Episode 1-The Calling
Kisho looked out the bay window and noticed the fog covering the hills.  He thought that today he would love to venture out into the hills and look for artifacts, pieces of his people’s history.  The boy enjoyed collecting old arrowheads and shards of metal.  They represented a piece of him that he would and could never grasp, the past.  So instead of dreaming, he acted.  From age five he would search around the countryside for artifacts and remains left by his people.  His most treasured artifact was a small Orichalkos statue of a young man, clad in light armor, and bearing a deadly-looking sword.  The boy had medium-long hair, and the details on his face showed maturity.  Kisho had also found the boy’s actual sword.  It had the letters “Daatsaki Tiger” engraved on the hilt, and resembled the general design of a Greek/Spanish Falcata.
Kisho was considered young in his society.  The society he lived in was not a secure one, in fact, one could not venture out into the hills without a guardian.  That was both common sense and law.  Elizabeth, the boy’s sister, would normally accompany him into the hills.  But before we continue with Kisho’s adventure into the hills, lets talk a bit about Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Datsuki had always been an overachiever.  Tall, elegant, and stunningly beautiful, Elizabeth had brown hair with natural silver highlights.  Her eyes were of two different colors, green and blue.  She was a straight 4.0 student all the way through high school, but was recruited by the Royal Temple as a Summoner before she could apply to colleges.
Summoners have a very special ability that lets them draw ancient powers from within the Earth.  Elizabeth, for example, can summon great dragons, or conjure fire out of air.  But with great power comes great responsibility, so only a select group of youths are chosen every 40 years to replace the summoners of the previous generation.  Elizabeth had to accompany Kisho almost everywhere.  The boy certainly did get into a lot of trouble if he wasn’t kept track of. 
This time Elizabeth wasn’t home to go with Kisho into the hills.  It was early in the morning, and his father had spent the night at work, as usual.  Elizabeth was teaching at the math center in town, and mother, well, hers is a different story.  Kisho was the kind of kid who would not frequently get in trouble, but when he did, it would be horribly deep.  He debated whether or not he should give Elizabeth a call and see if she could leave work a bit early, to go on a journey with him.  His final result, a no.  The forest and all of its wonders just called out to him.  He felt a tingling sensation in his chest.  He grabbed his bow and arrows, and his mother’s coat.  It was settled.  Kisho Datsuki III was going into the Illyrian hills.  Alone.


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