Stuck in Time:chapter 1

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Every day I wake up and feel the pain and suffering of so many innocent souls, that were never given a chance to feel feelings, or to see, or to touch.  No, instead these beings are bred and used to power facilities.  They stimulate feelings in these unconscious beings, and harvest the energy created from within to power their large industrial cities.  Hah, I bet those ignorant fools living well in the cities do not have a clue what is going on here.  They just used us.  At least I was lucky enough to have escaped.  But then again, I can always argue that it may be better to never realize one is alive, then to be forced to live a life of solitude.  I fear that I may spend the rest of my days in this underground home that I have made for myself, living like a mole; too scared to come above ground. 
Ahh, is there a way to stop it?!?  I have been asking myself this question over and over again!  Is there a way to stop it?!!?!  This is I must find out.  If I am able to cut off the power line, and keep shut down the facility, then I may have a chance at eliminating these tyrants.
Oh you are quite lost by now I presume?  Well, here is what happened.  Several million years ago the sun exploded, destroying almost everything around it.  Well it did not destroy earth, but it scorched the lands and dried the waters.  Somehow, the human race just wouldn’t give in to extinction, and continued to live on and evolve.  Isn’t it quite interesting to look at history and our evolution as timeline, and to see how we all possess such a strong will to live?  Almost like flame burning in each one of us.  Well, as I was saying, as humans continued to live on, they needed water and food.  One could say this is the point at which mankind took a giant leap backward.  The remaining humans, all 1.4 trillion, resorted to the barbaric act of cannibalism, out of necessity for nutrients.  The once highly advanced and “civilized” human race was degrading, growing smaller and becoming more like savages.  The interesting thing is that the humans did retain a specific set of instructions, stored on a memory chip implanted in their brains upon birth.  On this chip was a set of instructions on how to rebuild the race from the ground up, if such a natural or man-made disaster like this were to occur.  Well the government that wrote this code had completely overlooked the fact that these humans’ brains may rot to the point where this code could not be interpreted right, or for that matter, not at all. 
Well, the race was quickly dying off, and this is where it all went very, very wrong.  The microchip in each human brain was connected to a satellite in a different universe, and each microchip could communicate with another.  If you are wondering, the satellite was placed in a universal colony so as to remain safe, if a disaster like this were to occur and the satellite was orbiting above earth, it would be destroyed.  Alright, back to the humans.  Now, the microchips were theoretically written with an “if” statement saying that, “if  (catastrophe) is to occur, follow (set of given instructions, different for each human.”  Each human was assigned a position in restoring peace and civilization before the catastrophe occurred.  The microchip was connected to every part of their brain, and therefore could take complete control of the being when necessary.  Then, there was as statement, that “while” chaos remains, execute given set of instructions.  This was to try and fully eliminate chaos.  This is what was wrong.  These beings had been programmed into loops.  Loops that they would be performing until the end of their miserable existence.


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