how to post your videos on to youtube

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First you need a digital camer with video capabilities or a small camcorder. You Tube doesn’t allow videos longer than 8 1/2 minutes so make your video brief. The longer the video the longer it will take to upload also. Press the record button on your video recorder and record what you want to broadcast to the world.

Next some windows should open up on your computer screen. One of the tabs should direct you to import your media files on to the computer. Select this option and import your videos onto the computer. Name your video so you can find it easily when you go look for it later. I recommend selecting the option to delete the files off your recorder after uploading. Once the videos are uploaded to your computer go to

When you get to You Tube register for an account if you don’t have on yet. Once you log in there is a yellow tab on the right that says up upload. Click on this tab and on the next page you click browse. This should take you to where you can search the location of your videos. Normally the videos will be under C drive, users, then my videos, or my pictures. Once you find your video click on it and it should fill in on the You Tube screen. Next just fill in the description of your video and select which category your video will be in. You will also have to select the keywords so users can find your videos. When you hit save You Tube will upload your video and you just wait for them to add it.


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