How to build a large friends list fast on my space

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The first step you need to take is to download the program friend blaster pro on myspace. The link to download the program is located below.  Friend blater pro is a very cost effective you can use to practically find anyone on my space.  You can search for groups, people, bands, businesses, people who are members of other social networks all on this program.  Not only can you search for people you can also send message blast out to whatever group or people you are looking to make frieds with.  You have filter options so you can decide in advance rather or not you want to search for people, or bands or groups.

The best way to add friends very quickly with this program is to use the filter options when you are doing your searches for friends.  If you select in your filter options to search for users who last logged in a one day ago you will have more success in getting your friend request accepted vs sending request to people who no longer use Myspace.  With Friend blaster Pro you also have an option, to search for Myspace users on google as well.

Myspace will not allow  a person to send out more than 400 friend request a day so try not to max out your friend request or Myspace may flag you.  I recommend users to not send out more than 250 freind request a day with this program.  You will find that this program is a huge time saver becuase you can automatically send out around 50 freind request in less than 5 minutes with this program while you fixing yourself a glass of water.  I personally added 2,000 friends on Myspace with this program in less than 2 weeks.  If you are entrepenuer you understand how important it is to have allot of people in front of your product well this program is the perfect way to do this very easily.

Here is the link to get started


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