Cats and their Litter Box

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We have had over 40 cats over the years, but thankfully 39 of them lived outside. Our one housecat has used a standard litter box since she came home as a six-week old kitten. We have had many drawbacks using the standard, open litter box, and my cat has had her ups and downs about it, too.

I must say that my cat was always most happy when her litter box was clean, however keeping up with her was not very easy. She has also developed some unfavorable habits of “missing” the litter box, so I found that we needed to confine her litter box to a no-traffic area. I must say that the whole litter box ordeal really aligns my inclination to cats living in their natural habitats. However, our cat is domesticated, and our home is her home.

I wanted to search for my options, and I stumbled upon the benefits an automatic litter box. Going through all of the reviews of different brands, I had to weigh its pros and cons. For myself, the pros of having a cleaner-air home and a clean litter box outweighed the possibility of maintenance, extra supplies, special litter, and a little noise.

When we finally purchased our automatic litter box, we left the old one in its place, just in case the cat was not ready for the change. Well, I think the cat was just as anxious as I was to change the old box, because without hesitation, or acclamation, she used it right away. I am so proud of her.

The convenience of an automatic litter box makes a world of a difference in the life of a “multitasker.” We do not have to devote nearly half the time that we used to, in making sure that the litter box is clean. I really enjoy its functionality, and I strongly recommend the convenience for any home.

My cat is a new cat now. She went from being very moody and slightly mean -hissing and the whole growling thing – to becoming the queen of the cat kingdom. There’s something about her new noble gait and regal posture that lends me to think that the new automatic litter box is a keeper. I am very happy for her, because I’m sure she was embarrassed about her lingering “aroma” that seemingly consumed her litter box area…read more


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