Era Vulgaris

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This is my Era Vulgaris, the world I live in, the world you live in. it is desolate and evil.

Morals are what you see when you look inside yourself and ask ‘what’s good?’ Though, as humans, we are much too lazy even for this task. We use other books and people to find out what morality is for us – religion in a nutshell.

As a consequence of being a part of this ‘rebellious generation’ there is no use for religion. We are too logical, too enlightened for religion. But we are still human, still too lazy to look inside ourselves for morality. Since we don’t have an innate religion to look to for morals, and since we don’t look in ourselves for them, we are a generation without morality.

Our lack of this basic part of humanity, morality, leads us down some interesting, terrible paths. Its full of ‘happiness’ and worldly pleasures for the individual, but can only bring a tear to the eye of a passive observer.

This lack of morality leads to a nation that will eat and indulge and waste incredible amounts of recourses while another nation slowly dies – when this poor nation only needs a fraction of the resources that the wealthy nation throws away. It allows glutinous men to eat themselves to diabetes and obesity and clogged arteries with the fat that they love so much while a poor, homeless man starves to death right next to them.

No morality leads to people hording their money in banks and safes while they watch others suffer from need. It leads to laziness because of your lack of a sense of urgency or feelings of obligation to others. Morality stopped people from being greedy or slothful because it caused people to have a sense of needing to help their community.

This plague leads men to use a sweet, innocent girl for her body and mouth. It leads her to be too proud to show any affection or caring or love to the lover she will later have, it leads to her being too proud to show any sort of weakness to him. And despite the fact that he loves her, it leads to him becoming envious and wrathful when he was once at peace. Envious of the men that his lover showed affection to and wrath at those men and that woman for fucking up his life Showing him that while those terrible men were good enough for this sweet, not-so-innocent girl, this girl’s lover isn’t.

A societies lack of morality led to this innocent young boy to be force to grow up and hate many things: the girl that he still loves more than anything else, himself, and the society that made the two lovers. This lack of morality killed my love.

Morality is the only thing that separates people from the wild things in this world, and we’ve thrown it out like so many used condoms and half-eaten donuts. With our enlightened and godless society today, we have crippled ourselves much more than we bargained for – we lost our very humanity – and we are very far from getting it back.

This lack of morality is my hell, my eternal damnation, my Era Vulgaris.


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