Why Bedtime Rituals Are Important to Preschoolers

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Soothing your small children to sleep – it’s the end of the day, and your preschooler is ready for bed, even if they think it’s still 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Young children do not always gradually get tired. Rather, for many of them, one moment their running around, and the next, they’re fast asleep.

When it’s time to put the young one to bed, in the child’s mind, you are separating her from everyone else. What will I miss? What will you be doing? Why do I have to be in the dark? – These are some of the questions that goes through their minds.

When you take the time to prepare your small child for bed – beyond the bath and changing of clothes – you are actually helping your child transition into a calm sleep mode. It is soothing to a child to nearly fall asleep in their parent’s arms. Even curling up beside your child will not spoil them in the least. Rather, they will feel safe and secure in the darkness of the night.

Bedtime rituals, which you can create of your own, lets the child know, and feel comfortable about the fact that it’s now time to fall asleep in my bed. When you, as the parent, routinely bathe your child, brush their teeth, comb their hair, lay him down in the bed, and sit there to read to them and recite your prayers – bedtime will not be a time of tremendous struggle. You will see your little one fall asleep to the words that you utter – the words that fill the room, comfort her heart, and rock her into her night’s sleep.

A sense of security is something that any concerned parent wants to give their child. Developing a comprehensive bedtime ritual, one that spans 15 to 45 minutes beyond the bath, is certainly a security builder. As your child prepares to rest, your bedtime ritual reassures him that you will be right there as he falls asleep.

Bedtime rituals, beyond the comfort and security, is also a discipline in following rules and knowing the limits. Through your gentle approach to setting your bedtime ritual for your child, it will be clearly understood that it is time to stop. Playtime is over for today. The consistency will also lend to the fact that going to bed will be questioned much less than that of those who leave the decision up to the child – as small as she is. They’re just not ready to make all the decisions yet, and they may not know when their bodies have had enough…read more


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