Is Homeschooling Better Than Formal Education?

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Homeschooling is what you make it. As a homeschooling parent, I choose to make homeschooling the best of all my efforts. There are many homeschooling parents who acknowledge the chance to home school their children as a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. For those of us with this understanding, we pour into the education of our children, everything of the world, and we become the everything source for our children.

Homeschooling, in our cases, is far better than formal education. Many homeschooling parents have had the opportunity to further their education credentials, so many are at least just as qualified as a typical prestigious private school teacher. The educational environment of the homeschooling parent is tailored to the needs of their own children, and they live a full life with them. On the other hand, the environment of formal education is tailored to the standard of the grade, or the teacher’s understanding of a nurturing environment for a group of children. These formal education teachers are the same thing to all of the children they teach over the years, provided they remain in their current positions for a period of time.

The homeschooling parent is everything to their children – they are always their parents, and they provide hands-on, and oftentimes spur-the-moment education to their children with a customized, individual approach to the child. The homeschooling parent grows with their child and learns as they learn. This is not something that a child can gain, especially if they are not the teacher’s favorite, in a formal school setting.

Homeschooling caters to the child, and many homeschooling parents love this the most about having their children close to them and educating them about the world around us. Parents can spend the extra time on difficult lessons, without the anticipation of the bell for next period, and parents can provide extra challenges in those areas that come easy to their children.

Homeschooling gives parents the opportunity to actually say, “I gave my child everything I could,” “I did everything for my child,” or even, “I taught my child everything he or she knows.” It is a blessing, and with all blessings, they have to be appreciated…read more


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