Should Parents Without a Degree Teach Homeschool?

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All responsible parents are the first teachers in their children’s lives. Now, of course, homeschooling without a degree is not a blanket statement that applies to every parent. However, it is a blanket right that a parent should not be stripped of without cause. There are many people who have grasped the essentials of education during their high school years, and yet others were given the natural gift of teaching and mentoring children at a very young age. Many people have the qualities of a brilliant educator, qualities that stem from compassion, insight, comprehension, empathy, respect and love. These are oftentimes the qualities that one cannot purchase or acquire through a degree.

Now, I am a homeschooling mom who happens to possess a Bachelor’s of Science degree in the Sciences. I can, however, think back to my pre-college years, and as someone who wanted marriage and a family, I had within my heart an innate desire to teach my future children everything I knew. I knew that this would give them all the tools that I had, and these tools were good enough to qualify me for my high school graduation. I even think about what my activities were back then, during my younger teenage years. I was always doing something in education with young children. While my peers were socializing with each other, I would instead volunteer, or even be asked, to tutor first and second graders.

My summer jobs were working with 4 to 6-year-olds, and there were 20 in my group. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to squeeze a lesson or two into our normal play activities. In my observation, teaching from the heart – especially if you’re a good student of learning and life – always brings positive benefits in the life of a child.

Now, for parents, sometimes a college education may be economically out-of-reach, or time may not permit returning to school. However, those parents possessing clarity of mind, intellect and kind hearts make the most superb teachers of all. Children develop faster and better social and human skills when knowledge and learning is disseminated in an environment that is their own. The substance of any lesson taught from the source of the child has the potential of being grasped, digested and implemented by the child better than in any other setting…read more


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