How to save money on cell phone accessories

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If you have already purchased your cell phone accessory, perhaps you can still return it. Best Buy price matches other places, Circuit City’s going out of business sale might have what you’re looking for, or maybe you quickly run into Radio Shack and purchase whatever you need there. If you can wait, try to check online first. If you already purchased it, check the return policy.

My husband went to Radio Shack when his cell phone died and bought a new charger for $31. Since this phone was barely over a year old, I wanted to check to see if this might still be covered under warranty- of course the warranty had expired recently. So I then checked Best Buy and found there were generic cell phone chargers for $3 or $4, but the only model that would definitely fit out phone was $26. So not a lot of savings there for the phone charger.

I then did a Google search and found similar results. Finally, I decided to check Amazon and was amazed. A brand-new cell phone charger was .02 with $2.98 shipping and handling, which definitely won hands-down over Radio Shack’s price. I then decided to see if there were any others and found a pack for the cell phone charger, car charger, and the belt for $1.96! So I ended up getting $50 worth of merchandise (at least) just by researching the best place to find the cell phone charger. Needless to say, we had to take up Radio Shack on their 30-day money back policy since I got three times the amount of stuff for 9/10 of the cost!!


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