Is the Use of Laptops in the Classroom Beneficial or a Distraction?

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The use of laptops in the classroom are beneficial tools, under the supervision of the instructor. Advances in technology have propelled many mediums of learning to a whole new dimension and standard. Information can now be researched and accessed at speeds once never imagined. Yet, this dynamic tool must be used with limitations and supervision in the classroom.

Classroom period sessions are often limited to 45 minutes, or so. Teachers have the responsibility of disseminating information to classrooms of about 30 students, in the hopes that the lessons will be transformed into beneficial knowledge in the hearts and minds of the students. Teachers often need to look to supportive learning tools to make their lessons more effective in the classroom.

Through the use of laptops in the classroom, teachers can spend their time developing three-dimensional and animated graphs and presentations. Teachers can share these projects, with one click of a button, to all of their students. Teachers can also further mainstream their lessons, by providing on-line tools that monitor the progress of each student, during the actual classroom session.

Of course, there are concerns with the use of laptops in the classroom, as well. This is where teachers have to become more active guardians over the activities of their students in the classroom. Maybe such tools as remote desktop viewing of each students laptops, as well as old-fashioned walking around the classroom, may keep students in line with using the laptop only for classroom purposes. Nevertheless, students are entrusted to their teachers to learn, so the environment of learning, and not free roaming, must be maintained under the teacher’s supervision.

Laptops, however, are extremely valuable tools for any educator. Teachers can open up the world to their students, through the use of a laptop. Educational enhancements and live coverage of world events are amongst the many valuable assets a laptop can offer today’s educator…read more


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