Are hospital childbirth and labor classes worth taking?

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Becoming a new mother-to-be is filled with an array of emotions, concerns and hopes that both the pregnancy and delivery will be successfully met with health and happiness for both mother and child. Oftentimes, there is an anxiety associated with the prospect of becoming a hospital patient, though. Some new mothers may be intimidated by entering the near-industrial, factory-like setting of many hospitals, where they become a number amongst the many other mothers in labor.

Of course many hospitals are not factories for baby production via labor and delivery. Many hospitals and birthing centers have made tremendous strides to improve the patient settings from the conventional, stark hospital ward, to a more homely and cheerful maternity environment. Hospital administrations and staffs have observed the need to bridge the comfortability gap for their patients by offering services and tools to make the already difficult experience of bringing a child into the world, as pleasant and as comforting as possible.

One of the many ways that hospitals are able to soften the anxieties of new parents is to offer childbirth and labor classes. Honestly, the hospital setting is filled with a well-educated staff that is well-experienced in the colorful encounters with mothers-to-be in labor. They are well versed in the urgency and high tempo of the process that a new mother goes through, and they also have all of the state-of-the-art equipment to stabilize the health of mother and child, at their disposal.

The experience of the hospital staff with labor and delivery, coupled with the facility’s equipment capabilities, can actually make the hospital setting an ideal location to learn how to cope with the labor and delivery process. Hospital settings also foster the opportunity to meet other expectant mothers, and this may lend another level of support to these new mothers.

Now, the hospital setting is not a personal environment, and mothers-to-be will have to adjust to the fact that other couples will observe their participation in these classes. Some women do not mind the company of other expectant mothers, but they may not be as welcoming of sharing that environment with other expectant fathers. For this reason, many mothers-to-be choose alternative locations to have their baby. Comfortability is so important during that stage, and it is well-understood and well-respected that the hospital setting may not be ideal for every new mother. Nevertheless, classes offered in the hospital setting may actually be very beneficial to mothers choosing alternative locations, as it may afford them the opportunity to learn from the conventional methods of approach to labor and delivery. The more informed expectant mothers are of the process, and its variations, then the more likely it is that they may have a heightened level of stamina and wherewithal for the whole labor and delivery ordeal…read more


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