Kids Saftey on the Web

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Every parent wants their kids to be safe online, right? Of course! Use the following tips to insure your kids safety on the Web.

Online Kids Safety Tips

  • Be involved. What are your kids doing online? Who are they talking to? There’s too many scary statistics out there. Don’t let your kids be one of them.
  • Be prepared. Lay out clear boundaries of where your child is allowed to go on the Web. If you feel it’s necessary, you can install internet filters.
  • Be educated. This might be common knowledge for adults, but most kids don’t know that they are not supposed to give out personal information out online. This includes emailing, using chat rooms, IM-ing (instant messaging), or anything else that asks for any kind of personal information.
  • Be there. It’s not enough to give out rules and reg’s; make surfing the Web a fun, family activity. Guide your kids to kid-friendly sites, and teach them to search safely as well.
  • Be critical. More kids than ever before get most of their homework help online. Help them evaluate their sources, and make sure that they are reputable.
  • Be informed. Get a copy of your kids’ school use policies for the Web. Make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable with.
  • Be visible. Where is your computer? Is it hidden away? If your kids use the computer on a regular basis, make sure that it’s in a public place to make checking up on what they are doing easier.

Kids safety on the Web should be a key component of every family’s house rules. Instilling appropriate boundaries for Web use will save you a lot of heartache in the long run, and make the Web a safe, educational, and yes – fun! place to be.


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