Runescape Crafter’s Guide to Glassmaking Using the Crafting Trade Skill to Make Items from Glass in RS

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The Runescape crafting skill is a catch-all trade skill that would encompass many different trade skills in other MMORPGs. Pottery Crafting and Cape Dying are subsets of the crafting skill that are open to all players, but there are crafting elements open only to players who have a paid Runescape account. Glassmaking is a subset of the crafting skill that is available only to paid members.

Glassmaking can be used to start earning Runescape crafting experience, it is an intermediate area that paid members can use to progress to more advanced skills when leveling it up, and the items themselves do not have much use in game, although some can be used to decorate houses made using the construction skill.

Runescape Crafting: Beginner Glassmaking

Before a Runescape character can begin earnestly making glasswear, there are a few components he needs. Most of these are loot drops or spawns in easily accessible areas of the game world. The list below indicates.

  • Seaweed – makes soda ashses needed for creating the class
  • Bucket – Useful for carrying Sand, Guaranteed not to have a hole in it
  • Glassblowing Pipe – Necessary for making items from Glassblowing
  • Molten Glass – the item from which the player makes materials.

Once these items have been gathered, a player must decide what he is going to make. Anyone who has taken a trip to the glass works in Corning, New York knows that glassblowing is an art form. It can take a while before a glass blower molds a glass item into the desired shape. The computer takes care of this process for the Runescape player. It is assumed that the character is ignorant of most of what the crafting process requires in real life.

Runescape simplifies this process by having the coding take care of most of it for the player, besides, the items produced are really only little magnetic bits of information stored on a disk somewhere on a Runescape server.

Glassmaking Items that can be Made with the Crafting Skill

The list below has been adapted from the Global Runescape web site. Molten glass and beer glasses are easier to make, then the items get progressively harder. As with all other Runescape skills, a player starts out at first level and gains experience as he make an item. When a character earns enough experience, he achieves the next skill level. Only the first four items on the chart have been included here.

  • Molten Glass – First Level, 20 experience
  • Beer Glass – First Level 17.5 experience
  • Candle Lantern – Fourth Level, 19.5 experience
  • Oil Lantern – Seven Level – 25 experience

Runescape crafting is often touted as being a frustrating and not very useful skill to the players, but the mmorpg gamer that enjoys trade skills will find the diversity that the crafting skill provides to be rich and the items also serve to enhance the role playing experience, rather than to increase a player’s effectiveness in game.


Global Runescape Crafting Guide


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