Best Places in the World to Shop

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No holiday is complete without a little shopping. If you’re looking to fill that empty space in your closet with some new threads, these are some of the best places to do it. From high fashion to knockoffs, the following cities will fill your closet with everything imaginable:

Paris, France
The French are renowned for their fashions, with designs that have been the rage since the decadent court of the Sun King. Paris is paramount in the fashion world, attracting the very best designers, models and celebrities. Explore the fashion world in the City of Lights, from Dior and Hermès, to Chanel and Gaultier, and upgrade your wardrobe as you downsize your wallet. After a spree in Paris, your wardrobe will definitely turn heads.

Vietnam is an excellent place to shop for bargains. Most major international labels manufacture in the country – just check the shirt tags – so you may be able to eliminate the middle man and buy direct. Cities like Hoi An specialize in clothing manufacturing. The Vietnamese Post Office even has a special section just for shipping clothes. As a result, you can often get quality “designer” goods at a fraction of the price.

New York City
New York City is the fashion capital of America. A city so dense with people, culture, and celebrities is bound to be on the forefront of anything. Those with deep pockets can get the best of the best on Fifth Avenue. Bohemian and thrift lovers should head to Soho, Greenwich or the Lower East Side. The borough of Brooklyn is the up and coming trend setter in this city. Whatever your tastes are, a section of New York has it.

Since the fall of communism, Russians have thrown out the drab clothes of the past in favor of the world’s high fashion. Flush with oil money, they are demanding the very best the world has to offer. Ferraris now line the streets of the capital city with caviar and Champagne as menu items of choice. No surprise then that the best designers have set up stores in the city. Moscow residents now demand the very best from London, Paris, New York City and Milan because fashionable Russians would not be caught in anything less than th best. The city is a must for the serious shopper.

As factory to the world, China is ground zero for clothes production. From legit labels to knockoffs, you can find it all. For those who have the budget for high-end brands, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are now on par with the most fashionable capitals of the world. Whether in a night market or Western-style mall, good deals on clothes are readily available in China.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok has a mall on almost every corner and there is nothing made in the world that you can’t buy here, which makes Bangkok one of the best places to shop. You can splurge on Louis Vuitton and Armani or head to the streets to buy knockoffs for a fraction of the price. No matter what your taste, Bangkok has it. For those visting Thailand, pack light – you’ll be carrying extra on the way back.

Notable leaders in design, Italians have enviable reputations for their seamless sense of style. You’ll seldom find one poorly dressed, no matter what city or time of day. A “Made in Italy” tag is a surefire mark of quality and superior design. Milan is the center of the Italian fashion world and an absolute must on any shopaholic’s itinerary.

Beverly Hills
The rich and famous demand the best, so no wonder that Beverly Hills has it all. Every major brand in the world is here and Rodeo Drive is the retail heart of the iconic 90210 zip code. While not cheap, those looking to dress like a celebrity should head down to Rodeo Drive for the latest fashions.


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