City of Heroes Dark Miasma Defender Guide Leveling this Archetype in CoH and CoV Effectively

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City of heroes leveling can be a difficult grinding process. In this respect, it is little different from many of its competitors, but it should be noted that while the game mechanics are essentially the same for many of mmorpgs, this game is the only one that gives players a chance to take on the role of a super hero or a super villain.

Leveling a dark miasma defender is an easy process. It just takes knowledge of the power set and understanding how to solo as well as group. The power set of dark miasma defenders allows this defender type to do it equally well, although the empathy defender will always be in highest demand among City of Heroes players.

City of Heroes Beginner Dark Miasma Defender Leveling

When the dark miasma defender first sets foot of Paragon City, his goal should be take out the bad guys of Paragon City, but to do this, he must level as quickly as possible to face the greatest threats posed by the super heroic villains. Fortunately, the dark miasma power set allows him to bring grief on many foes at once, but area effect abilities must be used carefully, as are affect attacks can backfire on the user if they are used improperly.

The best way to counteract misuse of area of effect abilities in any mmorpg is for a player to be aware of his surroundings to avoid aggroing enemies that can make things difficult. This is less of a problem in groups, but can still cause a group to wipe out if too many enemies are pulled unintentionally. Many of the dark miasma power set have beneficial attacks while at the same time being detrimental to opponents.

Understanding the Dark Miasma Power Set

Leveling a City of Heroes dark miasma defender effectively requires understanding of what the powers available in this power set do. Unlike the kinetics defender or the radiation emissions defender, dark miasma defenders do not need to compensate for their offensive weaknesses by the secondary power set in solo play. The following list, taken from the City of Heroes forums, is a brief overview of dark miasma abilities.

  • Twilight Grasp – A group heal that is centered on a target
  • Tar Patch – Area Effect Movement Reduction Power
  • Darkest Night – An area effect power that reduces the accuracy and attack power of enemies
  • Shadow Fall – boosts resistances, defense, and provides stealth to the users in the area of effectively
  • Fearsome Stare – an Area Effect ability that causes mobs to run away in fear
  • Pertrifying Gaze – A single target ability that roots an enemy in place
  • Black Hole — “Phases” affected mobs, taking them temporarily out of combat.
  • Dark Servant – sumons a pet that is controlled by the dark miasma defender

City of Heroes Dark Miasma Leveling

While the key to leveling in any mmorpg is understanding the base mechanics that underlie all these games, each class that the games provide have different abilities. Dark Miasma defender level as quickly in groups as they do solo, but leveling in groups will reduce the danger this defender subtype faces.


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