City of Heroes Storm Summoner Defender Guide Calling Down the Forces of the Weather in CoH and CoV

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Storm Summoning Defenders have more in common with the blaster archetype in City of Heroes than they do with a healing class. While they do have healing powers, this defender power set focuses on control the elements as Storm does in the X-Men. The healing power, 0-3 also offers some protection against root powers being cast against ayers.

Storm summoning is one of the more fun defender power sets to level in City of Heroes. It has good offensive abilities, scaled down healing abilities from the empathy defender, and has slow capabilities that will ease kiting and make it less likely that the villains of Paragon city will get away from groups of super heroes, but leveling a storm summoning defender is a matter of knowing when and how to use the offensive and defensive capabilities of this defender subtype.

Leveling the Storm Summoning Defender in City of Heroes

While this archetype has abilities similar to the blaster, it gets more hit points, more defenses, and its offensive capabilities do slightly less damage than the equivalent blaster sets. This means it takes the storm summoning defender a little longer to reach the highest levels of City of Heroes than it does a blaster, but the defender archetype will not suffer from a state of permanent experience debt.

This defender type solos and groups equally well, although the empathy defender will be more in demand for groups because of its greater healing abilities and the resurrection power that makes up part of empathy defender’s power set.

Leveling a storm summoning defender through solo play requires the use of kiting. The hail storm power sends down a sheet of ice that slows the movement of foes caught in it. This can be used to the player’s advantage.

When this defender type finds itself in a group, he must know what the players expect from him. While the 0-3 ability is a decent heal that can be boosted with enhancement, these characters are often used as back up healers and damage per second characters while grouping.

City of Heroes Leveling by Controlling the Weather

One song observes that everywhere a person goes, he or she always takes the weather with him. This statement is true in a very literal sense for storm summoning defenders in City of Heroes. By shooting lightning, calling down hail, and causing hurricanes to blow in buildings, the storm summoning defender is a force that the heroes and villains of Paragon City do not want to contend with, at least that is the case for this defender type if the player plays it well.


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