Common useful tools and tricks for Windows

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To run a computer, and go on internet, the first thing you need to know is “protection”. You don’t want virus, spy, junk cookies….anything slow your PC. So you need software to protect your PC. I am sure you may have one, free for one year, from your PC seller. SO what happen after one year? Buy new PC? My old laptop is 7 years old now, I still use it do most of work. It is protected by all the free software I will tell below. No kiding. For reference, my laptop is PIII 800, with 40G HD, and 768MB RAM. Run WIN XP Home. If this is matter for you to believe me.

Anti virus software, and spy search ware, and real time protection ware. You can find from my eHow article. 

BASICALLY, is antivir personal, with some other software for spy search. There are several other anti virus software free for person use, and also not too bad. For the threaten fire, is more tricky, you need to turn off when you update your windows. Threaten fire use different way to protect your PC, but you not really need if you are not in high risk website.

The next is to clear up your PC, which will speed up your PC, and protect your private information. You can read my another eHow article.

Clean up, I use Ccleanner and NCleaner, they are very useful. Some function may redounded, but it do  work very good. Some trick you need to know is ” Run Ncleaner first and C cleaner second, if you have both of them.” .

After you have those done, than you need to put your computer to work, I read ebook a lot, and most of them are PDF file, but I don’t want to buy the very expensive Adobe software, so I have some other PDF software and trick to work for me. Here they are.

PDF file is very useful document files, you can see lot of portable device can read PDF files, and it can be very small.

I am sure, you also like to put your computer to play MP3 file, or DVD. I do have some free trick for them. Like backup DVD…..

Here is the articles.

Especially, for the DVD trick, it is very useful. When you run ISO instead of real DVD, it save your PC prower, and run much fast than DVD disk. You must try it.

There are too many trick for the PC. I need to take a break now. Please come back and see……


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