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Bukisa.com is a relatively new revenue sharing site that offers users the opportunity to get paid for the articles they submit.  Unlike some revenue sharing sites that base payment on actual ad revenue generated, writers at Bukisa are paid for their work based on unique page impressions.  The more unique visitors view your content, the more cash you’ll earn when you write articles online.

The payment amount is based on the Bukisa index – a dollar amount that writers receive per thousand unique page impressions.  At the time of this writing, the Bukisa index is 3.65, which means that users will receive $3.65 in revenue for every thousand unique page views of their published content.

The Bukisa index changes from month to month, based on the overall performance of the advertising revenue from user generated content.  When Bukisa gets lots of traffic, but few click-thrus on pay per click ads, this causes the Bukisa index to go down.  The key to keeping the Bukisa index high is to send targeted traffic to user content.  The more interested readers click on ads relevant to the search topic, the higher the Bukisa index.

Another great feature of Bukisa is that users can also receive a portion of revenue generated by users in their downline network.  What this means is that when you sign up for Bukisa, you’ll be given a referral link that others can follow to sign up with Bukisa as part of your network.  When they sign up, they’ll also be able to refer new users, and so on.  Bukisa members can earn a share of revenue from people in their network up to three levels deep.  But don’t worry, none of this comes out of the user’s pocket.  This additional amount is paid by Bukisa and does not affect the share of revenue received by users in your network.  Likewise, your revenue share will not decrease if you sign up as part of another user’s network.

Bukisa does have some advantages over other revenue sharing content sites.  For one, Bukisa allows clickable hyperlinks in the body of the article content, so it can be used to drive traffic to a website.  You can also include affiliate links, when appropriate to the content of your article.

Bukisa does not yet have the high page rank of other well-established sites like eHow.com, but it shows definite promise.  And, by submitting well-researched pieces with low-competition keywords, you could attract lots of targeted traffic to your articles, resulting in excellent earning potential.

If you’re just learning how to write articles online for cash, I recommend signing up to make money writing eHow articles as well as submitting content at Bukisa.  Signing up to write articles online for multiple sites a good way to diversify online income streams, which is always an excellent strategy.  You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket.

It’s free to join Bukisa and the site provides excellent and responsive customer service.  Bukisa is a site with great growth potential, and it could someday rival eHow in search engine rankings and user generated content.


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