How to make the perfect white wine Sangria

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The beauty of the sangria recipes is that they are quick and easy to prepare. You should need only 5 minutes from start to end. That is assuming you have the wine chilled and ready to go.

Take 1 bottle of white wine. Typically a Riesling or Chablis. But you can experiment over time with your favorite type.  Pour the wine into a large pitcher.

Take 2 oranges and 1 lime. Squeeze juice of these into the pitcher, then cut the squeezed fruit into wedges and add to the pitcher. If you have Kiwi or Strawberries available then cut and add these to the pitcher. Any summer fruit will enhance the drink.

Add about half a cup of sugar, if you have a real sweet tooth then you can add a little more.  Then finish by adding 16oz of club soda. You can also try experiments with different soda instead of club soda.

If your wine and soda where chilled then you can serve, otherwise chill in fridge or add lots of ice in replacement for 8oz of club soda.

If you do have time to plan ahead then try and make the Sangria the day before and let it sit in the fridge. It always seems to taste better if you leave it for a while. The fruit seems to mix and blend with the wine and really brings out the flavor. Biting into a strawberry that has been marinating in the wine for a day is simply delicious!


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