Savings Tips: Turning Your Bills Into Savings

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Now let’s think about it: How much money do you spend per month? Did you realize how much stress you get over bills you must pay?  I bet you would do the impossible to pay your bills: borrow, spend less etc.   If your creditors would only knew what efforts you make to pay your bills!  When they all paid, you can feel the sensation of security.  Even though for just a short-term, as the cycle is going to start again within few weeks.

This is relates to everyone.  Rich or Poor.

On the poorer side of the column, the stress is much more intense; on the richer side, it is the same except with bigger figures.

What if your prosperity was “billed” to you every month and you needed to pay it as any other bill?  This way, instead of all your money going down the chute and paying other people’s bills, you would be mounting up your savings.  You would be “enforced” to save.   The result would be the same. You probably will end up in the end of the month cleaned out or with something for pocket money.

Only the big different now would be that you would be creating a financial future.  If you could just maintain it for a several years, you would have “no option” but to become wealthier even though you changed nothing.

This might make sense to you if you don’t have lots of resources.   On the other hand, you might think that this does not be appropriate to you if you have many funds.  I encourage you to consider it and ask yourself how much money you have.  This is particularly true, even if you are able to create a good income.  Furthermore you should do what is been proposed here, as you have the best possibility of keeping your prosperity for the future whether you rich or poor.

The big barrier may seem to be how exactly to do it.  If you have to rely on self-discipline alone, your chance of success would be minimal, as the numerous daily financial demands you pressured with, are still exists.  In truth, apparently, everyone can agree that my idea, as the 10% percent save-idea is a good one.


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