How to Evaluate and Analyses Data as True or False

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In fact, during most of your life on daily basis you need to evaluate between two things. So you must be able to judge the value or logic of an idea. You also have to be able to understand how and why people make the decisions that they do. Most important, you need to be able to determine when a decision has been based on sound logic.

Step 1

In order to judge the worth or value of something, you must have standards or reference points to go by and compare it to something else. A person must have a perfect scene to compare to the existing scene on hand.

The value of movie is measured by its entertainment level. An article is evaluated by is adequacy of facts. Its style of writing, and its objectivity.

Step 2

You need to well know the area that you confronting or about confronting, otherwise you will not be able to spot easily and illogical in it and furthermore, if you are not familiar with it, you need to look hard to be aware of things. This way you can spot most of the errors because you know your perfect scene and upgrade the situation in hand to the reality.

Step 3

Knowing all the forms of outpoints which are illogics versus all the plus points of logics your ability to view, examine and handle things could almost consider mystic. So we can positively go ahead and say that all facts, data, information and knowledge are stems from good points or minus points.

Step 4

If you know and understand the criteria by which something is judged, you are better prepared to evaluate it. For example, If you know the legal requirements for a good and binding contract, then you are better prepared to enter into one.

Step 5

What beliefs do you hold nearest and dearest to your heart? What would you die for? If you could be doing anything you wanted to right now, what would it be? These questions all focus on your personal values to judge.

Step 6

Your beliefs and values influence the big decisions that you must make in life. In facing and understanding the situation, you must be able to recognize how an individual’s values affect the decision he or she makes.

Step 7

When facts are lacking in story or communication, the result is confusion or mis-interpretation. That is referring as well as to omitted facts when they are important to have, they should be there and they are not. In this case, you cannot make a sound and an informed decision, receive or submit communication. Let’s take a look on the example that you read an article, you must be able to determine whether the facts are adequate to support


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