How to Resolve a Client Complaint

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You definitely need to take each criticism right away and seriously even though it seems to be quite amusing and not to the point. That can happen too. Things You’ll Need:

  • Affinity
  • Agreement
  • Positive communication
  • Genuine smile
  • Friendly and at the same time serious
  • Get another staff member to be in your side as an additional power to handle any potential problematic ASAP.

Step 1

Taking care of the client that facing you and answer every question that he has. Moreover, you need to show him that you are really on his side so he can trust you as his ally and not his enemy. You are highly appreciating his concern of the matter not less than him as well as wanting to improve the situation as quickly as possible. So smile and be kind.

Step 2

When he talk to you, as possible, write his complaint. It shows that you are taking the issue seriously and in friendly manner, while at the same time, you ensure therein, that you have records on file of the complaint for a future use.

Step 3

Needless to mention that by no means, you should not never, never, never show impatience, roll your eyes etc. These are all noted by the client and can simply take his complaint to a whole new level that you are there to prevent.

Step 4

In order to get your client from effect up to a cause level, you can get him to participate by feeling free to consult with him on how he would propose to handle the issue. It will show your kindness and might restore the communication faster than you would think. As the golden law is, when you find yourself in communication disagreement or dispute the solution is always to get in more communication and not less.

Step 5

Do not have a bad approach towards the client, as a client does not care if you are annoyed, have a bad day or whatever. It is actually makes things worse. As much as it sounds as mission impossible sometime, keep your profile low, and acknowledge him as much as necessary to a positive result.


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