Real Men don’t use Coupons…….right?

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Come on we’re MEN right, we don’t use Coupons……We drink beer out of the bottle not those fruity drinks with the umbrella’s! We watch action packed, blood and guts movies…..not those mushy “chick flicks”. We DON’T use Coupons…we pay FULL price….oh, wait?

Makes you stop and think doesn’t it. I know for most of us it is an ego blow or a pride squasher to use those little pieces of paper. We want people to think we are successful and don’t need to worry about saving $.50 cents. We would rather live above our means and run up our credit card balances. But hey, we have lots of “cool” stuff. Alright, you ready for my million dollar advice….


Ok, I know most of us our stubborn cusses and just saying get over it isn’t going to make us change our minds. So here is a list of reasons  and ideas that should help:

1) It’s FREE money……..yes Coupons are free and they save you money.

2) In today’s economy Coupon use has doubled and I for one believe that using coupons is not associated with “poor” people, but rather “smart and fiscally responsible” people.

3) They are abundant and easy to find. Look in your Sunday newspaper or print them online from sites like:

Coupon Dad –

Coupon Cabin –

Couponing 101 –

4) When gas prices soared in mid 2008 many grocery manufacturers took price increases to off set the higher costs. Yet as gas prices have come back down none of these manufacturers have reduced their prices. The Coupons they issue are one way for us consumers to recoup our money from these higher prices. I mean why let them enjoy bigger profits at our expense?

5) Remember those credit cards we’ve all jacked the balance up on……use the money you save with the coupons to increase your payments and get out from under all that debt.

Hey, we are not talking about saving just $.50 here. About 9 months ago Coupon Dad’s family started collecting and using coupons. Now today our family saves an average of $500 – $700 a month (family of 9 – original was around $1200 – $1400) or 50% off our grocery bill. Now that’s not chump change.


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